Lineage Interactive’s staff of publishers transforms your website into a virtual magazine where YOU are the Editor in Chief.  Our copywriters, video producers, journalists, graphic designers and technology developers will convert your ideas into a rich, interactive fan experience exclusively available on your platforms.


Traditionally, fans hear about you through third parties. As a result, the third parties benefit from the fan traffic, engagement, and revenue

Your publishing platform gives you the ability to communicate directly to your fans. Because your website houses all of your publications, all of the fan traffic and engagement is yours to keep and monetize.

Because third parties communicate your story to the fans, they control how that story is told.

When you own and control your publishing platform, you get to tell your story exactly the way you want.

Fans don’t go to your website to look at your logo—they visit to digest content pertinent to your brand. When you don’t publish regularly, fans have no reason to go your website.

Frequent publishing is a key element in building your online fan community. Publishing encourages fans to visit your website and read its engaging articles.