Lineage Interactive develops, produces and markets sports related content across all forms of media. Our obsession is cultivating original content, brand aligned activations and commercial projects.

We work with a deep and talented list of writers, directors and editors to engage audiences in all forms of social, digital and traditional media. Our ability to capture relevant, meaningful athlete participation from an impressive roster of clients enables us to package and deliver unique athlete-centric content.

Who are we
looking for?

We’re looking for passionate, vibrant, talented individuals that are interested in publishing to a mass audience. Ideally, you love the sport, love the team, or—even better—love the player you write about. We want you to enjoy what you do.

Partnering with us allows you to gain instant credibility, and helps grow your brand as a writer, analyst, video editor or creator. The more work you do, the more we promote it. Our incentive program enables you to continually increase the size of your audience and enhance the credibility of your work.

We expect you to be a collaborative contributor, and we want to help your voice be heard. We want to hear any and all ideas you have. Let us help you be the best content creator you can be.

Interested in contributing? Apply to join the Lineage Contributor Network, and someone from our publishing team will be in touch with you shortly.


Our incentive program enables every contributor to rise through the ranks. We reward the hard working, creative individual that continues to impress by authoring professional, publishable content.

Every contributor starts out as a rookie. You continue to move up the ladder as you prove yourself to the publishing staff. Do you have a strong work ethic? Are you willing to learn? If so, you will have no problem climbing the championship ladder.

By joining the Lineage contributor network you will have the opportunity to receive valuable experience, build followers, increase your visibility, and gain credibility as a contributor. If your hobby is writing about sports, we can take that hobby and help present it to a much larger audience.

If you contribute regularly to the network you will be entered into our incentive program. Throughout the season we will conduct prize giveaways and give out rewards to the hard working individuals who has shined above the rest. Those that move up the ranks will receive incentives including but not limited to: Social media promotion, personal blog promotion, and the opportunity to work on more exclusive and important projects.