SXSW: Pro athletes take control of their brand destiny

A tight end in the NFL since 2006 who won a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos last month, Davis said there are a lot of things that he looks at when he receives an off-field offer.

Athletes are Taking Control of Their Brand Destinies

At SXSports Daniel Jeydel's panel took a deep dive into the only form of content that unites audiences at scale: sports.

Pro Athletes Taking Control Of Brand Destiny

The panel talks about creating great brand partnerships, how the social landscape has evolved with them and what makes sports so engaging.

The Mask Nabs New York Emmy

Lineage Interactive produced show "The Mask" wins New York Emmy for best Sports Interview/Discussion.


Anthony Rodriguez speaks on SXSports panel called ‘Pro Athletes Taking Control of the Their Brand Destiny’.

Professional Athlete, CMO, or Both?

Ever since shortstop Honus Wagner became the first professional athlete to receive money for allowing the use of his name on a product, athletes have been a powerful part of marketing.

Be Authentic In Your Content Creation

A quote from Lineage Interactive CEO, Anthony Rodriguez, from his 2016 SXSW panel.

SMS Audio Commercial: Carmelo Anthony Audio Life

SMS Audio and Lineage Interactive have released spot featuring Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony Means Business

Lineage Interactive CEO, Anthony Rodriguez, and Carmelo Anthony talk branding in ESPN the Magazine.

Athlete Social Media Value Could Be Realized Through Retail

Athletes themselves are more into technology and understanding the importance of connecting with their fan base virtually more than the last generation of athletes.